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 what we say

This would otherwise be called a blog, for now it is just our unedited opinions that are not up for comment, don’t share this stuff!

Ask not what you can do for your website, ask what your website can do for you.

We have some strongly held opinions, one of these is, do what you do, best. If you’re a finance wizard, a medical expert or a carpenter, that is where your passion is, and that is where you are making your living, don't spend hours, days or months putting together a website that in the end you don’t like, or worse it doesn’t work.
More than likely you don’t cut your own hair, or service your own car, you could, it's just your hairdresser or mechanic do it better, more quickly and you do your thing while they're doing theirs.

An online presence is just the same, you can do it yourself, but… should you?